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Saturday, October 23, 2010

At the Movies 2: Concession Stand

My baby and I are on our regular movie date

As we’re choosing our seats I catch the eye of a honey named Kate

She was this chick I had wanted since freshman year

So imagine my surprise seeing her here

She gave me a smile that lit up the room

I started to speak but I realized it was too soon

My girl was up on me and she would have seen

And that is drama unwanted if you know what I mean.

She was obviously feeling me ‘cause she winked her eye

She got up and mouthed “follow me” as she walked by

The way that her ass looked in those skinny jeans

Would have made any man fall to his knees.

My girl let out a sigh which immediately got my attention

My heart skipped a beat cause I thought she was listening

“What’s wrong?” I asked feigning concern

“Nothing baby” she replied but her head never turned

My girl’s eyes on the main screen were fixed

And to fight the temptation I could no longer resist

I whispered “Baby, I’m hungry. I’ll bring you something to eat.”

She nodded and smiled and without missing a beat

I made my way to the entry way cause I had someone to meet

I nearly stumbled as I finally got to my feet.

Before I hit the corner Kate bumped into me

Our faces were so close I could hear her breathe

She said, “I didn’t think you were coming as long as you made me wait”

I said, “I had to figure out a way to be temporarily excused from my date.”

She wasted no time as she took me by the hand

Led me into a dark cinema and quickly unbuckled my pants

Got on her knees and begin to ingest me slow

First sucking on the tip and then taking in much more

My balls were not neglected as they made her mouth their home

She even continued stroking my dick, so all my mind did was roam.

She sucked on my erection as if she were expecting a treat

She even turned me down when I offered to eat

Once she got me hard again; she had a second dose of my juices

She had no idea of how long I had been waiting to do this.

Then she slid her skinny’s down and straddled me in reverse

She slid on the condom and started to bounce in one motion as if she’d rehearsed

She threw her head back and started to moan which clearly turned me on

I tickled her clit and kissed her neck which made her orgasm strong

I had to put my hand on her mouth to mute her sweet sounds

I can’t say for sure but I swear this one couple whispered “could ya’ll keep it down”

That was a tall order considering I was hard with no cumming in sight

As much as she has sucked and sucked I was in a position to fuck her right

She turned around and straddled me and began to ride me crazy

She mumbled out a couple of words but all I could make out was “baby”

She came at least 4 more times

And that filled me with pride

And even though I was nowhere near cumming I had to stop this ride

My girl was prolly worried sick and this smell I couldn’t hide.

I pretended to cum and she slid off and pull her pants back on

Before I could ask her for her number my escapade was already gone.

I went to concession grabbed some food

And prepared a lame excuse.

Just when I leaned in to apologize for being away so long

She looked at me, kissed my lips, & said “I barely noticed you were gone.”

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