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Saturday, October 16, 2010


My view of love has been tainted over years
Now it goes on the list as one of my biggest fears
As I have grown I have found love to be an illusion
Definition attempts only lead to confusion

Some say love hurts; while others claim the opposite
For me the ups and downs are too much to deal with
So I distance myself from love and lovers alike
Settling for lustful actions to fulfill my lonely nights

The love fantasy is not my preference
I honestly believe it was created for reference
I have watched as people embarked upon forever
Ending up with nothing and never
Again and again falling and failing
Sitting on their couches crying and wailing

As love has disappointed them time and time again
Highest high in the beginning lowest low in the end
I have had my run in with love absolutely and without a doubt
It jabbed me in the gut, dotted my eye, and punched me in the mouth
Literally and metaphorically so I have learned a life lesson
Love may or may not be a blessing
Love for family could be a gift
But the love between lovers well that seems like a bottomless pit

Protecting my heart from the pain
Sheltering my love from the rain
Keeping it all for myself
Cause to do bad I need no one’s help

Never again do I plan to let another man abuse me
Spit on my dreams, and/or bring me misery
Down that road I have been
Down that road so have my friends

I am not just targeting men
For some the culprits can include women

If my words are discouraging and you don’t agree
Disregard what I say but, I’m just expressing me.

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