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Monday, May 2, 2011

He Doesn't See Me

He doesn't see me
He's always looking past me
Or over my head

A polite thank you when I come to his aid
A subtly sincere 'preciate you when I am there in his time of need
Yet he never sees me

No matter how bright my smile is when he walks into the room
Or how my eyes twinkle when he speaks my name.
He never sees me

Even though my heartbeat is deafening when he touches me
And my pulse races the Indy 500 at the mere mention of his name
He never sees me

He never notices when I change my hair
Or wear that new dress I couldn't afford but bought to impress him
He still doesn't see me

When I send him a text just to say "hi"
Or I listen intently to his woes
I remain the invisible girl

When I tell him I need him

Or confess that I love him
He conveniently looks the other way

As significant as he is to me
And as insignificant as I am to him
It's no wonder he doesn't see me.

If he saw me he'd know he's my air
If he noticed he'd realize I'm always there
If he took the time to see me he'd know no one else could love him better
If he paid attention he'd realize I would have stood by him regardless of the weather

I'm tired of waiting on you to see what you never will.
I'm tired of wanting what I'll probably never have
It's time for me to be what I was for you
For someone who will see me
Because I wanna be seen

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