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Saturday, August 6, 2011


Feel for me what I feel for you.
Reach for me in the middle of night no matter who else is lying there
Look at her face but see mine
Peek at the sun and see my smile
Embrace the rain because it hides
Your metaphoric missing me tears behind your eyes
Force your fingers not to send that text because you want to remain stoic
But succumb to your heart because your pride won't know it
Realize that spending time with other chicks is a waste of time
Accept that your your heart is already mine

Say those words I've been waiting to hear
Let nothing give you pause; not time, distance, or fear
Trust that for me it's worth the leap
Know that what we have will keep.
Believe that what you've found in me is real
And though others hate we know what we feel
Wait for me because I'll come
As soon as you declare that I am your One.
Love is a choice and I want you to choose me
For I've already chosen you...clearly
You say you have trust issues and why don't I tell you how I feel
If you'd take a minute I'm sure you'll realize I just did

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