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Monday, July 13, 2009

Why Him?

Why am I sitting here thinking of him?
Why does my heart ignore my head and let him in?
Why can't I heed the warnings previously set?
Why did I fall instantaneously the moment our eyes officially met?
Why do I let him drive me crazy, when I should care less?
Why does my heart chase after him, removing my bulletproof vest?
Why does every scenario begin and end with him?
Why do I never tell him and when we talk I keep pretending?
Why do I know it would never work, but my heart protests this fact?
Why does my head and heart constantly fight about all the qualities he lacks?
Why does an empty inbox fill me with discontent?
Why does the thought of being without him seem like a fellowless firmament?
Why does his kisses linger when he's not there?
Why do I wake up reminiscing about his hands stroking my hair?
Why do all these random things remind me of him?
Why after hearing his voice my day can finally begin?
Why with every move I make, I subconsciously think of him?
Why in every fleeting moment I'm imagining being in his arms again?
Why can't anyone make me feel like you do?
Why when the contenders are way better does my heart call out for you?
Why do I feel like he's captured a part of my soul?
Why compared to him no candle any man can hold?
Why are you so distant and can never expose how you feel?
Why am I so stubborn and I keep my distance still?
Why do I want to tell him everything about me, he's always wanted to know?
Why don't I tell him is because I fear he will let me go.
Why does the thought of being without him fill me with such fear?
Why does this even matter when he's not even here?
Why when someone mentions his name, I can't help but to blush?
Why when I get his text I feel such a rush?
Why when I don't hear from him I suddenly feel lost?
Why the moment I get his text or call; I'm back to being a boss?
Why do I feel I have to be there for him when he can take care of himself?
Why do I put him before me and everybody else?
Why did we ever meet if we're destined to be apart?
Why no matter how much my head argues this, I've still surrendered to you my heart?

The Diary of a Brokenhearted Girl

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