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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

The Realization

The time was 11:37 pm EST. The date was July 28th 2009. My body tensed, my eyes burned, I lay there still and motionless. All of a sudden, a flood of emotions engulfed me. At first, I didn't know whether I was going to laugh or cry; gag or vomit; seize or collapse. I was perfectly motionless. Then a loud SNAP!!! I felt paralyzed. In a flash each and every moment of my life appeared before my eyes like a live action movie...all the laughter, every tear, every hug, every highlight, and every disappointment. It was in this moment, it became clear I was going to die.

Still involuntarily motionless, all I could manage was the solemn flow of tears I could not restrain. I saw everything I had done, and everything I had ever wanted to do. I watched my children be born, graduate, and marry. I watched as my closest friends achieved every ounce of happiness each one of them deserves. In that moment, I knew it was almost over, because my body became hotter in some areas and colder in others. But I was still motionless. Then I saw him.

His eyes pierced through my soul, and I realized I was in hell. Damned to an eternity of longing for him and never being able to have him. I tried to close my eyes to ease the pain of his piercing gaze, but to no avail. I tried to lift my arms to cover my eyes or maybe to reach for him, but like a ton of bricks I couldn't lift them.

I wanted to scream, but my voice had escaped me. However the salty tears that had been falling made their way to my tongue, but the taste was unfamiliar. I tried to spit them back, but they fell into my mouth more rapidly and the horrific taste began to nauseate me. Instantaneously, I realized it was blood, but why would blood be falling from my eyes? I couldn't fathom an answer. Immediately the pain started. It was unbearable. Every inch of my body ached, there are no words for the turmoil I found myself emerged in. The best I can describe to you is that...I felt like each one of my limbs was being ripped off of my body.

He was still staring at me, with no pity, no sympathy, but smugness. He didn't care how much pain I was in. It seemed as though he rather enjoyed watching me suffer. Yes, I was suffering. I just wanted to be taken out of my misery. Could I just die already? My eyes begged for mercy, begged for death, begged for him to just go away all to no avail.

Once I had come to terms with the pain and had began to mentally accept my fate, he moved closer to me. A sympathetic look on his face. Had I finally suffered enough for him? Was he going to give me the death I had so long desired? Now his face was only inches from mine and I could feel the coolness of his breath on my skin, and in that moment all the pain ceased. Had I finally crossed over to the other side? He ran his hand gently across my face, down to my neck, and along my torso. My heart was racing.

He instinctively laid his head on my chest and intently listened to the sound of my heart beat. He touched his own chest and realized his heartbeat and mine were synchronized. (I had always thought in death the heart ceased to beat, but seeing as how I am no expert on dying being wrong was not impossible.) He held me closer and listened to the sound of my heart and smiled. For the first time he spoke,"your heart sings my name." I smiled because I knew it was true. The first time he had held me in his arms my heart had changed rhythms. I had realized it right away, but had never seen the point in mentioning it. We both lay there in silence. He listening to the song in my heart, and I stroking the back of his head; both of us at absolute peace.

Then I heard a voice. It was one I had heard before. I looked around but I saw no one. I felt his body tense, and I tried to console him with my hands and eyes, but he pulled away from me. I lay there confused, and his body stiffened again. I began to feel twinges of pain again; nothing major more along the lines of discomfort. No big deal considering what I had already endured. The voice spoke again, but the words were undecipherable for me. He stared at me for one long moment, as if pre-apologizing for what he was about to do. I stiffened my body in defense then he placed his lips on mine rendering me totally helpless.

In a time frame too fast to be interpreted in words, he reached his hands through my body. The pain was inexplicable. I screamed one of the most blood curdling screams anyone could imagine. Then, just like that he was gone.

No longer immobile, I lay there waiting to breathe my last breath, I decide to assess the damage. I reluctantly reach inside of the gaping hole in my chest only to find that it was gone!! Yet somehow I was still alive!? Although with the pain I was in, death would have been a welcome visitor. I examined the ground and saw mangled pieces of my heart. While he had left with the majority of it; he left behind traces of what had happened here. It was in this instance I realized, that my heart was broken.

The Diary of a Brokenhearted Girl


  1. Wow Honey this is>>> Wow is the only words I can gather right now. When are you going to stop playing around and get published already? Why are you lettin your talents go to waste?(not literally speaking but You should be gettin paid for this not posting it for Free.) Love ya girl and keep up the good work (seriously consider getting published though)

  2. This was HAWT!!! I love it! I agree with Cherilyn...publish your ish! Ima FB you with an idea!

  3. I'm working on getting published right now.

  4. Oh wow...

    Beautiful & heart-wrenching at the same time. You definitely need to be published, soon!

  5. I feel like I need to clap and give you hug at the same time...that was beautifully done, PSkittles...