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Friday, August 28, 2009

Questioning Love

Why do we fall in love with someone, but can never find the words to tell them?
Why does it seem like when the words appear our voice disappears?
Why do we obsess over whether or not they feel the same way?
Why do we feel like no one can ever love us because of the past that precedes us?
Is it because of the baggage that comes with us?
Or because of the scars that have yet to heal?
Why do we believe that love is a hallucination created by mankind to act as a social control?
Why do we feel like the more we look for love the less likely we are to find it?
Why does being loved by the wrong one satisfy us?
Is it because we don’t think there is a right one?
Do we fear being alone?
Is that why we settle for the one who loves us?
Because the one we love doesn’t love us back?
Is that fair to the one who loves us?
How about to us?
What about to the one who we will love and who will love us back?
Why should he/she be forced to live a life of partial fulfillment because we decided to settle?
Why are some of us destined to be alone?
Why does it always seem like Mr. - Ms Wrong are the ones who approach and bedazzle us while their counters are in the background waiting for us to see them?
Why do we beat ourselves up over the one who leaves us, but are never grateful for the one who finds us?
Is that fair?
Is such the circle of life…or love?
Why is falling in love so amazing?
But falling out of love so devastating?
Why do our gestures of love go unnoticed?
Why is it so hard to tell each other how we feel?
Why don’t we walk away when we know it’s not gonna work?
Why does goodbye have to equal failure?
Why doesn’t our soul mate come with sign?
Why do we accept sacrificing our hearts so our pride can remain intact?
Why do we let distance determine our fate?
Why do we feel our lives must be perfect before we commit?
Why must we taste every apple on the tree before deciding we prefer oranges?
Why do we dismiss the person who best suits us because we’re not ready?
Why aren’t we willing to work on ourselves while we grow with them?
Why no matter how matter how many questions I ask; no one will have the answers?

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