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Saturday, September 26, 2009

How I Met My Husband

I am 5’6, milk chocolate brown, with piercing hazel eyes
I have a slim waist, perky Ds, and nice thick thighs.
An ass as thick as Jiffy cornbread
Succulent lips then confirm that I, in fact, give head
I keep well manicured hands and pedicured toes, no doubt
Perfect for scratching his back and putting them in his mouth
I am always at the spa for a maintenance waxing
Keeping the purring kitty prim and proper for a tongue lashing
As if it weren’t obvious I am full fledged freak
I am down to do it whenever or wherever the spirit moves me.
I’ve given and received head in a glass elevator in the mall
And neither of us stopped even when security was called.
I’ve been bent over a clearance rack in Neiman’s
Eaten out on the counter of a cleaners.
Anally probed in the dressing room at Guess,
Rode a dick at BeBe’s wearing an unpaid for dress.
Before you lay judgment on the sexual activities in my life
I’m just being a loving, dutiful wife
Now, before you call me a liar
Let me tell you how I met my husband almost 3 years prior.
We were at a young professionals luncheon
He sat next to me and we embarked on an interesting conversation
The chemistry was immediate as his words turned me on
And I knew of an escapade it wouldn’t be too long
We individually made our way to a bathroom in the host hotel
However, it was inside where we got to know each other so well.
Our eyes met as we exited our respective restroom doors
It was obvious that we want to see each other more personally than before
We both looked over our shoulders and saw no one was there
So we both entered the ladies room without another care
With one leg on his shoulder and the other on the stall wall
He admired then ate my pussy up without letting one drop fall.
After impressing me with his skill at pussy suction
He pulled out his weapon of mass destruction
It was approximately ten inches of pure caramel perfection
I was amid admiring it when he slid in his thick, hard erection.
I moaned so loud I startled myself
It was good to him too, so he let out a mid toned “yes”
He stroked in and out of my dripping wet walls
And we were so in the groove we started shaking the stalls.
Being who I am I could not just let him run this
So as soon as I got my footing I started grinding my hips
He stood there momentarily motionless as worked my pussy mid air
He then held me into him and started pulling my hair.
“Fuck me!” I moaned realizing he was about to explode
But I unselfishly dropped down and swallowed every drop of his creamy load.
However, I kept sucking him until he was hard again
Then he sat down and I straddled and started riding him.
He pulled my wrap dress open exposing my pink satin bra
Then my pulled my breasts out and started tonguing them raw.
He fingered my clit as I came on his dick continuously
My sexy moaning was arousing him, so pulled out and resumed eating me.
He swallowed my juices and let only a few drops trickle down the side
Then he bent me over slowly slid every inch of him inside.
I twerked my ass and squeezed my pussy walls around his manhood
Had both of us moaning because it felt so good.
His stamina was amazing as we were sexing like crazy
Not for one moment was his stroke, hand or mouth lazy.
He spread my ass cheeks to intensify my orgasm
Not only did I cum, but it gave my pussy uncontrollable spasms
When he finally came he exploded on back
And watched as his cum drizzled down my crack.
Realizing the time we both washed off real quick
And tried to make it back to luncheon, but realized it was missed.
We exchanged numbers not really expecting to do this again.
He walked me to my car and made sure I was safely in
Then he and I parted ways and I figured this was the last of him I’d see
But when I got home the ghost of desire for him was haunting me
I grabbed one of my toys and made my way to shower
And must have masterbated in there for nearly an hour.
But none of it came close to pleasure I felt
I realized I could never get that feeling by myself
I shrugged it off and accepted defeat
And tried to relax by going to sleep
But I couldn’t stop thinking about how he made me moan
Then I somehow ended up grabbing for the phone
To my surprise before I dialed he was already on the line
It wasn’t long before I spoke these words of mine.
“I can’t stop thinking of you, and it’s a quarter to four.”
He said, “Me either, so come open your door.”

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