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Monday, September 28, 2009


I hate that the reoccuring theme of this seems to be heartache and pain, but my life is what is. I find that no matter where I turn pain seems to follow me. I thought I'd finally gotten a grasp on things, but lo and behold here it comes.

Well, I was heading off to the library, because I mentor and tutor a group of high school boys in conjunction with my organization. I get a text fom that person that makes me smile no matter what. The text read, "When you get a minute I need to talk." I immediate hit him back, and was like "I'm headed to a meeting, but I'll get at you afterwards. But are you alright?" "Yeah, I just need to talk."

Now in all honesty we are just friends, but here's some more honesty I've always felt like at some point we would be together just not now for various reasons. So, I get to the library and to my surprise there were like 8 other tutors there. Now it's usually only me, but with 8 tutors and 10 students I was able to get mine started and step away to make the call. I was rushing because his text troubled me.

When I call him expecting to hear something either traumatic or just weird, here's what I heard "I've been talking to this chick for about month..." At that moment I heard I felt all of my emotions trying to exit my body at one time. I felt my legs weaken beneath me. My heart slowed down to an unnatural pace and my eyes began to burn, but I maintained my outward composure. Only God knows how.

I listened very carefully and I advised him truthfully. I did not once express any ill will and I told him how to fix it. If you've ever been in this predicament then you know how hard this was for me. But I've learned that when you love someone all you want is for them to be happy even if its not with you.

And apparently I'm not that one. I have not eaten or slept since it happened. I have found myself in more physical pain than I care to discuss, but you get the point. I don't understand why, how come, or whatever question I can ask. I have always been there for him through everything. I think this was the last straw. I'm officially broken...I'm done.

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