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Monday, October 5, 2009

Mental Penetration

I could write about sex, but that would be too easy,
Plus it takes more than a dick and a tongue to please me.
I want mental penetration and I don’t mean being played,
I mean getting in side of my head; making it impossible to stray.
So even when you’re not physically here
Your face on his body comes in crystal clear.
Now I will explain what I need you to do,
To brainwash me to be only complete with you
Here’s a secret no amount of money could’ve bought.
Get inside my head, and my every thought,
I will break this down as plain as I can,
The truth of how to be solidified as the man.
Start with my curiosity; my interest must be peaked
Like kissing my lips long, sensual, and deep.
Tell me all of your secrets, while you hold me close,
Like gently nibbling on my ear, which turns me on the most.
Graze your lips across my neck, as you push aside my hair.
Like showing me random acts of kindness that remind me how much you care.
Spend time getting to know me, if I’m a right brainer or left
Pretend it’s you caressing and sucking on my 2 voluptuous breasts.
Ensure me that from my pasts hurts I undoubtedly have protection,
Like placing trails of kisses on my flaws and imperfections.
Remind me that regardless of my mistakes your feelings for me remain unchanged
Like twirling your tongue inside my navel and not feeling ashamed.
If you stick your tongue deep into the sweetness of my brain,
Don’t be surprised if my emotions overflow and cum down like pouring rain.
Now spread my thoughts like 2 thick thighs I reluctantly spread apart,
Let me know that each one matters, and soon you’ll have my heart.
Now enter my essence like a tight wet slit that gets wetter with every stroke,
Assure me that your love for me is definitely no joke.
Finally, put me in your favorite position, just the way you like
Which is just like pulling me close to you and asking me to be your wife.

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  1. *snap snap* :)

    ps. i love this song for your page (wink)