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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You & I

You and I
I needed you; you weren't there
I reached for you; all I felt was air
I called your name til I nearly choked
I kept calling yet no one spoke

You say you didn't know; I should've made it clear
You say your hand was outstretched but maybe not so near
You say you didn't hear me; so I should have yelled
You say that had you heard me you would not have failed

I say, baby why didn't you see the signs
You say, how can I expect you to read my mind
I say, but I let you in the way you asked me to
You say, but I thought that was something you weren't willing to do
I say, I wanted to try and show you who I really was
You say, I always knew you, and I loved you just because
I say, then why did you leave me when I was at my lowest low
You say, I had to give you space and sunlight so you could grow
I say, where does this leave us? Is there a you and me?
You say, baby if you follow I will definitely lead.

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