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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Day 3

So it's day 3 and no word from you.
I'm wondering how this is so easy for you.
We laughed we shared our thoughts,
but you can so easily cut me off.
Well, I spoke with my closest friends and they all agree
that you pulling away now is what's best for me.
I was investing in you, instead of investing in him;
a cycle that would prolly leave me broken hearted yet again.
It was always you and I; two not one.
And just like that our story had begun.
I gave you more than I intended to, but less than you wanted,
but enough for you to say hell at least she's honest.
I wanted you to always be there.
I grew to need you, I hate needing people because that shows I care.
I should have just kept my mouth closed ignored your advances,
but something about you made me give you chances.
Chances I have never given so easily;
opening myself up for you to hurt me.
You said you wouldn't but I knew you would.
You said you couldn't but I knew you could.
I knew I should have trusted my instincts as far as letting you in.
Especially after I swore to myself never to let anyone again.
Funny though I don't see you as a bad person,
and if we ever crossed paths on my part there would be NO cursing.
I'd just pretend not to see you as I walk on by,
then just when I'm far enough I'd dry my eyes from my silent cry.

The Diary of a Brokenhearted Girl

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