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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

What Happened

I woke up this morning and I cried
To tell you the truth I have no idea why
My eyes were swollen with tears that I couldn’t identify
My chest was heaving and all I could manage was a breathless sigh
I woke up and reached for your shoulder, but it was gone
I stroked the empty pillow but there were no traces of you, not even your cologne
No imprints of our last night, I roll over only to find I’m alone
I check, but there are no voice mails or texts on my phone
I’m racking my brain for what could have gone wrong
But no answers, just a bunch of pseudo sad love songs
I dial my boss to let her know I’m feeling sick
I could hardly swallow, because my emotions are so thick
Now I’m trapped in this house with my memories of you
Still uncertain of what I should do
There’s no one I can call, because I spoke of you to no one else
Everything that transpired I kept to myself
Now for questions unasked I seek answers
Not knowing is a disease growing like cancer.
I can only assume there is something you don’t have to courage to say
It infuriates me the games that people play.
I would rather just know what the hell transpired
Cause trying to figure out what I did wrong is making me tired.
I met you on Sunday, let you in on Wednesday, and you left on Saturday
And just like that, everything we built is fading away.
So I erased your number from my address book
I deleted all of your emails and the pictures we took.
I am so fucking angry at you
But I’m angrier at myself too.
Because I should have tried harder to keep you at arm’s length
I should have fought with all of my strength
My safe, hurt free world, you carelessly tore apart.
After pillaging through the ruins you left, at least I found I still have my heart.

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