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Thursday, April 23, 2009

So, at approximately 9pm PST this guy a blast from my past calls me. I only answered because I didn't know who it was; I lost most of my phone numbers. So the conversation goes like this:
Him: Hey
Me: Yeah who's this
HIm: So, it's been that long you don't remember my voice
Me: Apparently
Him: Well beautiful I'd like to see you later tonight
At this point a light bulb comes on and I realize who it is and I smile to myself at the possibility of an indiscretion.
Me: I'm sure you would, but I'm quite busy.
HIm: look I just wanna see you, nothing else just see you.
Me: We'll I'm at a restaurant on the strip with friends you're welcome to join us
Him: Fine, I'll be there in 15
Me: OK
I'm blushing really hard and my girls look at me and say now who was that. So I explain the logistics. They're all excited and a little tipsy and even moreso when they see this fine specimen of a man walk towards us. He smiles at me and greets each of my friends by ordering them another round of drinks. (cheap trick I say) So we're talking and he proceeds to tell me the following:
"You know I really miss you. I think we should spend more time together like we used to."
I'm quite flattered, but apprehensive. It's not that he's a bad person just someone who isn't stable in himself and two unstable creatures head straight for chaos. So I whisper "I miss you too, but you know we weren't good for each other." So he asked, "Is this about someone else?" "No." I reply casually "I'm just remembering how this went in Round 1."
He said, "I'm different now, just give me a chance." My girls were sitting around pretending to chat, but really listening to every word. "I don't know, can I have some time to think about it?" I asked
He was like "sure baby. Just don't keep me waiting you know we should be together."
I don't know how to proceed. He's very good eye candy, great job, nice personality, and puts it down, but he has/had a wondering eye. I mean looking is one thing, but eye fucking is something else altogether. Now we were never in a relationship, because I am non-committal but there are boundaries of respect that should be honored. I don't like going in circles and I don't like repeat performers. Once I kick you out or our "situation" phases out I don't look back. Is that wrong on my part? Am I shutting out opportunities? Should I open up to the possibility that he's a different man? Or should I just use him for my nighttime pleasures and cut him loose on all other accounts? I hate not knowing the answers.

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